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We sell lavender plants at our farm. Visit our nursery and we will help you to pick the right lavender for your garden.  You can also find us at Santa Fe Farmer's Market on Saturday's during the summer months.  We also take special orders and offer delivery.

You can choose from any of our plants that are specifically grown for zone 4.  Most of the plants you find at local retail stores are not cold hardy to our climate.  They usually are for a zone 6 or better.  So be careful when buying your lavender plant that you have bought a lavender plant that will grow in a zone 4, otherwise it will only live as an annual.  It will not come back the following year.  We have done extensive research to bring the best zone 4 plants to you.  All of our plants have been tested and grown here at our farm in our lavender flower gardens and in our test fields to aquire experience and provide information to consumers on what is the best way to grow and take care of your lavender plants.  We strive to keep our customers informed about growing lavender.  We want you to have the best lavender garden possible, that is our commitment to our customers.

"Everything that we sell we grow and test right here at the farm in our lavender flower gardens, so visit the farm stroll through the fields, and enjoy our lavender flower garden." 


Our Goals
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To make each client feel as they are fully attended to.
  • To provide the best information to our customers.