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Elizabeth Inman started her lavender farm in 2004, fulfilling the journey of a lifetime. Over the years, visitors always ask the same questions. She decided to write a book telling the stories of her journey into the lavender farm. 

My Lavender Fields in Abiquiu, are stories from around the farm with twists and turns of daily life amid the lavender fields. You will read an in-depth account of Elizabeth’s determination and passion that brings the farm through life’s ups and downs. You will read about the immense beauty and serenity that is present on the farm and her desire to offer that to her visitors.  It is an inspiring read that one can apply anywhere as life takes unexpected detours and recovery through the grace of love.

She invites you to sit back with a cup of tea, as she does with her guests when they visit the farm. They sit on the tea house patio listening to the stories of her trials, rewards and the forever beauty she wakes to every morning.


Click here to Buy Lavender Journal $15.00

The Lavender Journal is a compliment to Elizabeth's new and coming book "My Lavender Fields in Abiquiu" Inside you will find poems taken from her book, and inspirational words  that mirror your deeper feelings within. Use this lovely journal to memorialize your thoughts or sketch your inner beauty.


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