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Last Day to order before Christmas

Please note the last day to order for Christmas delivery is December 13. 
Products ordered by the 13th will be delivered in time for the holidays, orders that come in after the 13th will be processed after January 7, 2017.  NOTE: The office will be closed from December 17, till January 7. 

lavsprigforcart.jpgLavender Bath and Body Products

All Natural Bath and Body Products by Purple Adobe Lavender Farm

Lavender Headed for the Still

About Our Products
Our products are made with the finest natural ingredients.  We use our lavender essential oil that we steam distill and organically grow right here on our farm. Our lavender is aromatherapeutic grade.  This means that using any of our products provides you with the benefits of lavender.  Some or the benefits of Lavender are; lavender is a natural calmative,  an anti-microbial, and an anti-bacterial.  It helps with stress, sleep difficulties, headaches, and the general wellbeing of the body and system. 
Our products are created with healing, and fine quality in mind.  Our products are all in a base of aloe vera, we use no artificial fragrances, only our pure lavender essential oil, natually hypo-alergenic ingredients, no wheat, no gultin, no alcohol, or parabens.  Most products are vegan, and all are cruelty free.  You will find only the best ingredients that hydrate, heal, and soften the skin.  We use organic ingredients when available and we support sustainable communities.  We use fair trade, and we support communities that support their environment and that benefit the people of that community. 

Below is just a sampling of what you can find in our gift shoppe and stores throughout New Mexico, Colorado, and California.  Visit us on "Open Farm Days" and stroll through the fields, sit under the giant cottonwood trees in our bosque.  Watch for Events offered at our farm. Click here for a list of stores where you can buy our products.

Farm Tours $5.00 per person, No reservations.

Lavender Farm Tours 
$5.00 per person.


Bath and Body

Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion $20.00

Ultra Hydrating Lavender Lotion $20.00 

Our lavender lotion is made with naturally hypoallergenic oils that are created to deeply hydrate your skin keeping you feeling soft and silky and ultra hydrated.  This product is super thick, emollient, and leaves your skin feeling absoultely fabulous.  Look for our "skin treatment trio" for a complete treatment that regenerates dry skin to its original baby soft condition.  Trying is believing. 



Lavender Sea Mineral Body Mist $12.00

Lavender Sea Mineral Body Mist $12.00 

Great for cooling off from overheating, hot flashes, sunburn, windburn, or de-stressing from a stress filled day.  Use as a body or face toner. This toner brings the magnificent minerals and nutrients abundantly available in the ocean to your finger tips to destress, calm and tone the skin.

Lavender Linen Spray $15.00

Lavender Linen Spray $15.00 
Heavenly sweet scent for your sheets or clothing. Non staining, refreshing and calming.  Spray liberally on sheets for a restful nites sleep.  Great to take on a trip to freshen up a hotel room and sweeten the sheets before bed. 



Lavender Liquid Soap $12.00 

Cuticle and Dry Skin Creme $20.00

"Revive" Cuticle Creme for Dry Skin $20.00

This is one of our most amazing products for reversing the effects of dry skin.  Use this creme for 7 nights and completely reverse  dry  cuticles and  nails.  This is truly a creme that is a must for dry, cracked or damaged skin.  Amazing results on feet for  dry heal areas also.   Comes with full instructions on how to revive skin to its naturally hydrated condition. This jar goes a long way, use a small amount for big results.

Lavender Essential Oil 10 ml $10.00

Lavender Essential Oil
 10 ml $10.00
Our Lavender Essential Oil is pure, undiluted 100% lavender essential oil. Our lavender oil has been tested in a lab and we are aromatherapy rated.
There are so many different uses for lavender essential oil.  Lavender essential oil is a natural calmative to the body, and the system as a whole.  You can use it in your bath, or to scent your pillow at night and help you get a restful nights sleep.  You can use it on insect bites, especially mosquito bites, or even use it in your rinse cycle of your clothes washer for a clean fresh result. The benefits go on.    Visit our sister web site at for a free download of  "10 BEST WAYS TO USE LAVENDER". 

Lavender Soap $7.50

 Lavender Soap $7.50 

Our soap is made with just the right amount of fine oils, and shea butter to keep your skin soft and silky while cleaning away bacteria.  Made with our lavender essential oil to aide in  the aromatherapy of lavender as well as an anti-bacterial to protect your hands. We use no sodium laurel sulfates in our soap, only the best ingredients will do.  Ahhh... try it you will really like it.

Lavender Luscious Lip Balm $5.00

Lavender Luscious Lip Balm $5.00

Made with local bees wax, fine oils, butters and of course our estate lavender  essential oil.  The product will leave your lips soft and hydrated while protecting them from the damaging elements of harsh weather. Just the perfect combination of ingredients to leave your lips feeling lavender and luscious.

Lavender & Chamomile Bath Salts $10.00

 Lavender & Chamomile Bath Salts $10.00 
Made with dead sea salt from Israel, lavender botanicals, chamomile flowers, and a soft skin formula along with our lavender essential oil.   Dead sea salt is known for its healing abilities.  It has the highest mineral content of all the bath salts aiding in soft skin, increased circulation, and detoxifying the body.  The added lavender botanicals and chamomile flowers calm stressed skin while relaxing in a hot bath. This product is wonderful for the tired and overworked body. 

Lavender and Himalayan Pink Bath Salts $14.00

 Lavender and Himalayan Pink Bath Salts $14.00 

Carefully mined from deep within the Himalayan Mountains, Himalayan Pink bath salt is world-renowned and considered an absolute treasure. Himalayan bath salt is known as a “Jurassic” salt, formed during Prehistoric times from ancient sea beds that were pushed up into the mountain range and perfectly preserved by volcanic ash.

This salt is said to have the highest mineral content of all the salts.  This affords a bath that is detoxifying, and softening for the skin.   We add lavender for relaxation and an amazing scent.   This will calm your skin, detoxify, and soften all at the same time.   It is a lovely spa bath for the home. 

Lavender Eye Pillows $20.00

Lavender Eye Pillows $20.00

Made from our most fragrant lavender buds. Use to reduce stress, aid in sleep, minimize pain from headache, and minimize stress from travel.  Squeeze the pillow to release the sweet scent of the lavender, recline and place over your eyes for just 15 minutes and you will feel the magic of what lavender can do for stress in the body.

Lavender Soy Wax Travel Candle 8 oz. $15.00

Lavender Soy Travel Candle 8oz $15.00

Great to pop into your suitcase and take on your trip.  Quickly fills up the hotel room with the sweet scent of lavender.  In no time the room will be refreshed and create a sense of serenity and calm.  Nitie Nite!



Temporarly out of stock 


 Lavender Bundles
Lavender Bouquet $10.00

 Dried Lavender Bundles $10.00


Each lavender bundle has carefully been harvested and dried in a dark room to preserve color and scent.  Our bundle bouquets are fresh and are always from the current season and harvest.  Each bundle contains 75-100 stems.  These bundles will last for several years.  You can leave them on the stem and place in a vase or remove the buds and place in a lovely open container to release the scent of lavender in your room. 



Lavender Wreath $20.00

Lavender Wreath  $20.00 

Hand made wreath with lavender flowers, beautiful for any room and the finished wreath will last for years. Ribbon colors will vary.

 Seasonal Item, Out of Stock

Lavender Sachets $16.00
Our lavender sachets are hand made and come in lovely fabrics, such as silk, satin, and beautiful designs for special occasions. Check out our gift sets with matching eye pillows and a lovely soy wax candle.
We fill our sachets with our aromatherapeutic lavender buds.  They are the most aromatic and have a lovely scent to put among your clothes to ward off unwanted moths, and at the same time keep your clothes smelling fabulous. People even put them under their pillow to help sleep better.  Lavender is a natural calmative so it helps with sleep, headaches, and stress. 

Lace Style Sachet $16.00

French Print Pillow Sachet $16.00


Lavender Cookbook Combo $23.00

Lavender Cookbook Combo $25.00 

What a great way to start your lavender cooking.  The cookbook comes with enough lavender to try out your favorite lavender recipes.  This lavender cookbook was written by Sharon Shipley who won an international award for this book.  It is written by the seasons making it easy to select recipes in harmony with seasonal vegetables.  With recipes from soups, salads, salad dressing, sweet treats, to wonderful meat rubs for the BBQ.  When you buy the cookbook combo your save $5.00 off from the individual cost of the book and culinary lavender. It is a great gift idea for yourself or a special person.



Lavender Ceylon Tea $12.00

Lavender Ceylon Tea $12.00

Relax and enjoy the most splendid cup of tea..

The finest New Mexican grown culinary lavender, known for its calming effect, is now brought together with the world renowned regional Ceylon Tea from Sri



Lavender Ceylon and Chamomile Tea $12.00

Lavender Ceylon and Chamomile Tea $12.00

Relax and enjoy the most splendid cup of tea.

The finest New Mexican grown culinary lavender, known for its calming effect, is now brought together with the world renowned regional Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka.  We have added Chamomile to offer a more relaxing refreshment.  Lavender and Chamomile are botanicals known for their calming, relaxing and complimentary flavors, and Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka is some of the best tea one can buy.  This Ceylon tea has a full and aromatic flavor that when combined, with these calming botanicals will make a delicious cup of tea.  Ahhhh.... try it... you will love it



Lavender Ceylon and Rose Tea $12.00

 Lavender Ceylon and Rose Tea $12.00

Relax and enjoy the most splendid cup of tea..

The finest New Mexican grown culinary lavender, known for its calming effect, is now brought together with the world renowned Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka.  Ceylon Tea makes a wonderful cup of tea and now we have added our lavender and wild rose to create a relaxing lovely tea experience.  We use only botanicals for flavor, NO artificial flavors.  Our teas are pure and made with the finest ingredients. This tea, with a hint of rose and a complimentary taste of lavender, is a perfect compliment to the delicious Ceylon tea.... Ahhhhh... try it ..... you will love it....



Lavender Chipolte Finishing Salts $ 14.00

 Lavender Chipotle Finishing Salt $14.00 

Finishing salts are used to add just a touch of flavor to your finished culinary creation.  This Lavender Chipotle finishing salt adds just the perfect kick to any dish.  It is made with Mediterranean sea salt, lavender, and a blend of Chimayo Chilies from New Mexico. 

Click here for  our Abiquiu Fiesta Spring Salad  recipe that was published in Local Flavor in the June issue.  Bring the flavors of the southwest to your table with a turn of the grinder.... ahhhh..... yum!



Lavender Finishing Salt $14.00

Lavender Finishing Salt $14.00 

Finishing salts are used to add just a touch of flavor.  This Lavender finishing salt is perfect for any you wish to add lavender combined with Mediterranean Sea Salt to leave a hit of lavender taste to your culinary creation.   It is made with Mediterranean sea salt, & lavender. 

Herbs De Abiquiu. $15.00

Herbs de Abiquiu $15.00 

A little bit of Provence right here in Abiquiu made with lavender from the Purple Adobe Lavender Farm. This is a traditional recipe of italian seasongs.  Great for pastas, salads, breads, pizzas, anything you can imagine to add these fine herbs for a wonderful flavor. 



Lavender Infused Sugar $5.00

Lavender Infused Sugar $5.00 

Sprinkle Lavender Sugar on toast, sugar cookies, or how about on top of a yummy scone, cake or cup cakes.  The choices are endless.  It is light and perfectly blended for a flavorable addition to all your lavender baking creations. 

Lavender Journal $15.00

Lavender Journal $15.00
One hundred pages just for your sketches, creative thoughts, or notes to self.  This journal is filled with inspirational words that are created to take you to your own inspiration and thoughts.  Also you will find some of the author, Elizabeth Inman's, poems that are taken from her own book that will be coming out in 2017 called "My Lavender Fields in Abiquiu". The lavender cover is a design created by the author and taken from photos of the lavender fields at the Purple Adobe Lavender Farm.