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Tour the Lavender Farm
Start your tour with a history of the farm, when it started, and why. Then walk through the varieties of lavender and learn about the many uses the farm has for the different varietals, and the process for using the lavender. The tour takes about 40 minutes. You can then go off on your own, or you might stop by the tea house for a gluten free lunch or tasty sweet treat, then take meditative walk in the labyrinth.  Visit the Lavender Shoppe to see the full line of natural lavender items produced here, or visit the Zen nursery filled with lavender plants. Enjoy your visit to the lavender where you can just sit and take in all the peace and beauty the farm has to offer. There is no fee to visit the lavender farm. 

Tours of the lavender farm  
will resume May 2019 

Cheryl Muceus
Tour The Lavender Farm
The Purple Adobe Lavender farm would like to welcome Cheryl Muceus as our new Tour Director.  Cheryl's Bio  Take a tour of the lavender farm to learn about it's history, the many uses for lavender. Hear how the farm grows, harvest and uses the lavender in it many lavender products and and culinary meals in the tea house.  Walk through the fields with Cheryl while she tells you about lavender in New Mexico and how the farm has continued with that tradition. This interactive tour allows guests to ask questions and become familiar with lavender and how it grows in the Land of Enchantment. Tours are given Tuesday's and Friday's at 10:30 and 11:30 am.  Reserve your space here by calling the office at 505 685 0082, and we will see you at the farm.....
Call the office to schedule your tour 505 685 0082 

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