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The Lavender Farm is now closed for the season.  You can find us at Santa Fe Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8 till 1 pm.  We will re-open the farm and the tea house in the spring in the month of April.  Thank you to all of our guests.  We have had an amazing season meeting people from all around the world who we have enjoyed and who have enjoyed the farm, the lavender store, and of course our newest addition The Lavender Tea House.  Have a wonder-filled winter and we look forward to seeing you next year.  See you at the farm, where the healing begins. 

The Lavender Tea House
Your're Invited

Remember The Lavender Tea House is  always 100% Gluten Free, dairy free on many items, fresh house made, and organic always when available.  Who says healthy food does not taste good.  Try us out, and see for yourself.  Trying is blieving.  See you at the farm tea house when we re-open for our 2015 season in April.   


Purple Adobe Lavender Farm Video

Purple Adobe Lavender Farm Video

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Click here.... Lavender Tips and how to prune your lavender. 

Pruning Your Lavender
Pruning Your Lavender Plants
Visit the Zen nursery on the lavender farm for a nice selection of lavender plants for sale. 
Summer is almost here.  The plants are awake and growing.  Don't forget that lavender is drought tolerant but still needs water to survive. Give them plenty of water to wake from their winter slumber and help them to grow.  Then you may cut back on water when they are showing signs of good growth.
If you are planning a lavender garden, then we usually suggest planting early bloomers, mid-bloomers, and late bloomers.  This will extend the lavender fragrant scent and beauty of lavender in your garden through-out the growing season. 
Don't forget fall is lavender-pruning time.  So remember that it is essential to the well being of your lavender to give it a nice pruning in the fall.  I always like to prune ours back in the fall as it seems to give them a head start in the spring, and makes them extra hardy through the winter. Click here to get information on how to prune your lavender.  Watch a video here  on pruning your lavender in 30 seconds or less.  It is essential to the well-being of your lavender to prune it back every year.  So check it out and get more tips on caring for your lavender plants.  Watch for your "spring wake-up" video coming in May for what to look for when your lavender starts its annual reawakening.